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PerfeXion Vinyl replacement windows, like wood windows, feature a traditional frame design that complements classic architecture while offering energy efficiency. Every detail counts to optimize performance and maximize beauty. -Optimal craftsman-style frame provides a finished look and meets your installation and architectural needs. -Double and Single Hung windows, sashes tilt in for easy cleaning from inside the home -Dual pull rails are molded into the sash for increased strength and ease of operation -Equal sight lines provide symmetry of design. -On Double and Single Hung windows, an Air Lok™ allows the windows to remain partially open for fresh air. PerfeXion® by Norandex™

It's Awesome

PerfeXion DELUXE Windows offer less frame and more glass than most replacement windows. The unique frame design is more energy efficient, far outperforming ENERGY STAR standards, and helps you reduce your heating and cooling costs. -Designed for superior thermal performance, lowering costs year round -Multiple frame styles to meet every installation and architectural need -Perfectly balanced symmetrical design, making PerfeXion windows a perfect alternative to aluminum windows -A mitered glazing bead provides a neatly finished appearance. -The interlock features the same narrow, low profile design as the frame for attractive symmetry. -Weep holes are covered by small baffles to keep insects out and to provide a finished look. -Screens have Integrated Pull Rails (IPR) that allow you to handle the screen from anywhere along an edge and will never break out like pull tabs can. -Stainless steel casement and awning operating mechanisms provide superior performance and corrosion protection in coastal environments. -Dual sash pull rails offer easier opening and closing in tight areas and easier getting around larger furniture pieces. PerfeXion® by Norandex™

Providing Top Of The Line Windows

Compare PerfeXion by Norandex with the same gas, glass and spacer options in any competitive window and see the U-Value Advantage for yourself. Deluxe single hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning. They also use the latest constant force balance systems for reliable and uniform opening and closing pressure. Lifetime warranty with glass breakage coverage! Double-strength glass will withstand more punishment from Mother Nature. PerfeXion® by Norandex™

We offer TRUE Anlin Windows.

Triple-E Argon gas is six times more dense than air, and therefore provides a superior thermal barrier. It has a triple-layer silver metal coating to keep heat outside in summer and inside in winter. Plus it has a technologically advanced spacer separating the two panes of glass, and a special coating on the outside of the glass to make it easy to clean and stay clean. The insulated glass system is Anlin’s newest technology, equipped with a multi-layer solar reflective coating that provides the ultimate defense against solar heat gain on hot, sunny days, Argon gas that provides a superior thermal barrier and a multi-layer heat retention coating that helps keep warmth from escaping your home on cold days and nights. These windows are so efficient that it outperforms some triple-panes, but without the disadvantages of triple-panes.

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